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Meditating with Grace

Being in the human condition can be difficult. We constantly find ourselves being captured by thoughts, emotions and situations that go against our desire for happiness. Yet, the human condition is extremely precious because what is unconscious and unrecognized in animals can be made conscious and recognized while in the human condition.

Meditation can be used to make the unconscious conscious. There are many different forms of meditation; this writing tries to communicate meditating with Grace. Readers will have to look within themselves to interpret the meaning according to their experience. This is not a proprietary method of meditation belonging to any individual or group. Grace is a universal experience substratum to the human condition.

Most of us have had a subtle experience of Grace. It might manifest as an ability to go through a difficult situation realizing that there was something not seemingly of you that helped you overcome. This ability to endure might have been psychological, physical, or relational. This experience is easily pushed to the unconscious and forgotten.

Not so easily forgotten are those who have had Near Death Experiences and have felt Grace while not being fully within the body. They report feeling an overwhelming sense of love and caring that goes beyond anything that is experienced while in the human condition. This is usually a life changing experience.

There are accomplished meditators who while in meditation connect with a consciousness different from the human condition. While in this consciousness they are in relationship with a reality that is substratum to the human condition. Crime rates in large cities have been repeatedly reduced during scheduled group meditation.

Rarely a person born into the human condition manifests the ability to transcend the consciousness of the human condition and remain within the consciousness of Turiya continually. These beings are one with Grace but still have a connection with the human condition. Their experience of reality substratum to the human condition is not distorted.

Suggestion for Meditating with Grace

Make the body comfortable, sitting in a chair or on a cushion. The back should be naturally straight and the head upright. Shoulders should be square with hands on lap upwards one placed on top of the other.

Focus on the word symbol Grace. Try to remember an experience that you had with Grace. Possibly during a situation that was difficult but somehow you found within an ability to be kind and loving to yourself or another.

When you are ready, try to feel Grace.

This feeling will last for only a few seconds before a thought or another feeling interrupts.

What we are doing is focusing our attention on a word symbol that has meaning because we have experienced it. Because we have experienced it we know how it feels. By doing many repetitions during a meditation session of focusing our attention upon the feeling of Grace it becomes easier to focus attention for longer periods.

Grace is much closer to us than we realize. The ability to focus attention is of Grace.

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